Funny Small Town Experiences

Our house was a longish affair. From the main road you enter the portico and then it was a straight line up to the kitchen with three rooms in between. On one side of the house was the boundary wall and a long verandah ran on the other that opened to a lush green rectangular field with the road running parallel to it. A store room and a dining room closed the two ends of the verandah. On the other side of the field was a row of three houses where families of three brothers lived.

It was a sleepy small town called Mangaldai in Assam, a north eastern state of India. My father was an officer of Assam Civil Service and there were many transfers during his service tenure. One of those brought us to Mangaldai. The year was 1969. Those times were very peaceful and the present day terror strife and upheavals were not there. Continue reading

How To Lower Your Vermont Homeowners Insurance Rates

Are the rates for your home insurance beginning to rise? They may have been doing so for a couple of years, but this year you have decided to make a change. Instead of continuing to pay these high premiums, you are going to switch over to a new company. If you are in Vermont, there are many options for obtaining new home insurance policies. Whether you search on the web for one of these companies, or if you use the local phone book, there are ways to find reputable businesses that offer lower premiums. It is in your best interest to do so if it is going to save you money, and absolutely necessary if you can also lower your deductible.

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